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TOPIC: Overall Review of the rooms for V4A

Overall Review of the rooms for V4A 1 month 3 weeks ago #25

Ian Lee wrote: In VTD, I used Detect Evil once where it did something. After Yeti fight, had time to go back and poke around in the door room. After using Detect Evil, also used Sacrifice for one of the few times ...

It's a terrible ability because it really requires having time outside of the primary activity of the room to do anything, and what it might do might only matter to people who find Easter Eggs interesting rather than affecting dungeon progress. For instance, above, it didn't affect the combat nor the sleep mechanic and was only possible because we crushed the combat.

LOL - I tried detect evil in that room with doors before the Yeti fight and there was nothing evil except the door. Not sure if it would work better after the combat. I did not mean to digress. I will post something different about the value of this ability and why it even exists to be marked off as an action on the card in the Palladin forum. Thanks for your feedback!

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Overall Review of the rooms for V4A 1 month 2 weeks ago #26

I have to say that this was one of the best adventures that I have seen in TD. The combats were actually hard instead of the normal walk throughs. Please please please do not listen to all the complaining here and change things back to the much too easy games of the past. There was actual danger during combat which seems to upset some people. Please, players, if you don't want to be legitimately challenged, don't play Nightmare or Epic!. Stop trying to make it easier. Even with the danger, our team of 8 still beat Epic with but one death.
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