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TOPIC: V2 Nearly Sold Out - Extra Runs?

V2 Nearly Sold Out - Extra Runs? 6 months 3 weeks ago #13

Wade Schwendemann wrote:

Arnold wrote:

Harlax wrote: Interesting thing. V2 is scheduled the same time as virtual GHC. GHC has been promoting it. At GHC the first day of runs is traditionally pretty spotty. Lots of unsold tickets.

I wonder if there will be enough tickets when Non TD fanatics start looking for tickets?

Could it feasible to run V1 and V2 that weekend? Space probably makes that impractical, but it would be fun.

A concern is whether there are enough Jasper Ellipsoids to cover the TD fanatics.

I'm thinking there's a very heavy skew towards hardcore and nightmare for all VTD, but especially V2 considering the power of the completion token.

Gen Con sees completion tokens run out all the time. Hopefully TPTB got enough of these printed to cover everyone.

Not sure of numbers obviously, but there were about 1/2 to 1/3 the runs of virtual TD1 than would have been completed at GC on a regular basis.

I didnt do any PUG runs, but people did seem to be trying to skew toward HC/NM.

Oh. That must be because they don't run adventures til quite as late, or start quite as early, I take it?

If that's the case, I feel a lot better about our Sunday run for V2. I plan to only do one of each VTD experience, but I've got an extra V2 (might even go for a third) because I want to get the Ioun Stone for members of my party that won't be doing any VTD at all.
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