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TOPIC: Gen Con General Feedback from Casual Group

Gen Con General Feedback from Casual Group 1 year 6 months ago #49

I just wanted to chime in that Mongo, I have seen you come through my rooms MANY times with new players and you are a delight.

I love veterans like you who allow the players who havent run before a chance to solve the puzzles (or combats) first. Those who quietly hang back and might offer assistance - but dont push it on the party. Players that chip in if the party is on a red herring or encourage them if they are doing it right but never give away the clue and ruin the game.

I think most of our experienced players are amazing like this. One or two folks may get more easily frustrated or impatient but it is definitely in the minority of players. I think for the most part the people that run the dungeons again and again are honestly focused on showing everyone a good time.
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