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TOPIC: A Metaphoric Feedback:

A Metaphoric Feedback: 6 years 8 months ago #1

For Reference, I had a Moongate combat run at Friday 11:48 AM and a Dancing combat run at Friday 2:26 PM


- Raven! She got me a Belt of Thorns that was a ton of fun to build around.

- Rolled my first 00 out of a random pack

- Kirk: Came up with a trade deal so I could get a new Kilt

- NPCs! omg, I loved all the npcs this year. Special shout outs to the Felurian who I was never able to fully appease, but ordered me to leave just so I'd stop singing >> (Who doesn't like a dwarvish drinking song?). Holly was great to interact with. I had a staring contest with the raven right up to where he exploded into feathers upon my armor. The drunken fae trying to call the moon was an absolute joy to interact with, we were both drunk and got along quite well.

- Draccus: Caught me by surprise (nearly ate my bags), a gorgeous sculpt, and I totally would have died trying to face tank it if not for the brilliance of some of my party and the bard nailing his bardic lore check.

- Moongate Puzzles: I thought these were all on point and do able. Also really liked the puzzlebox one in Dancing (though again shoutout to brilliant party members)

- Set Design


- Alchemy Room: Never expected this much text in a room. way too much to sort through, it was overwhelming. Ended up with a headache along with the push damage.

- Constructs! The dancing run was massively frustrating as a Dwarf Fighter. Everything was immune to taunt, immune to crits (which I got a lot of somehow only for them not to count 3x damage) and for some reason it was ruled the spiders on my back did not take retribution damage either. I felt completely invalidated and not gunna lie, was rather salty by the end of it.

- Learned I cannot really help gear 8 entirely new players a run. Some useful tokens went MIA as well =/

- Did not find opportunity to get in on a grind run :(

- I've yet to remember my shopping bag upon leaving a room
~Meta: Don't worry, it is perfectly "safe" to follow the drunken dwarf into the dungeon!

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