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TOPIC: For sale (or trade)!

For sale (or trade)! 2 months 3 days ago #1

I have the following tokens for sale... I'd really rather trade them, especially the higher value ones. But I figure I'll try this then buy what I want. I will also accept GP at the rate of 1000gp = $15. For trades, please see my want list here: truedungeon.com/forum?view=topic&catid=61&id=250707#358612

Uhh. If any of these prices are wacky, please let me know. I reserve the right to say "oops i typed that in wrong".

Ring of Ringing $4
Ring of Roaring $8
Venomguard Greaves $2
Shoes of Fire Step $17
Shoes of Serpents $12
Charm of Fortitude $10
Arcane Scroll Tube $7
Charm of the Bobcat $4
Shoes of Nethercraft $22
Ring of Brilliance $44
Lenses of the Owl $4
Charm of Health $10
Steelclad Cloak $13
Belt of Baneful Mettle $14
Mask of Mayhem $10
Hitchhiking Ghost: Shog $7
6th Tooth of Cavadar $77
Earcuff of the Light $3
Dragonward Amulet $4
Bracelets of the Watcher $3
Bracelets of Blocking $5
Ioun Stone Amber Sphere $5
Ioun Stone Amber Cube $20
Charm Bracelets $220
Icecrag Hero's Earcuff $183
5th Tooth of Cavadar $55
Boots of the Marauder $19
+3 Mithral Bracers $76
+2 Death Flail $85
Shaman's Belt $95
Greater Quicksilver Charm $109
Bead of the Lucky Traveler $165
Charm of Quick Strike $95
Ioun Stone Infernal Fire Prism $123
Shoes of the Sneak $95
Hat of the Hellway $94
Amulet of the Champion $121
Shaed $109
Ring of the Eel $143

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